Pascal has the ability to define your vision and transform your plans in concrete consumer-centric ideas. He generates strategy necessary to build up your business and brand. Pascal has a passion for photography and design associated at a strong background in business. Pascal holds an MBA from the University of Otago.

Pascal uses mainly for his work an Alpa Camera with Rodenstock Lenses associated with a Phase One digital Back.

"The beginning of this long story of passion has started when I bought my first camera more than 30 yeras ago. Unfortunately, it was not the sexy Leica m3 of my childhood but a bulky DSLR Minolta.
I am currently based in Rotterdam, after have been in New Zealand, Australia, Wallis Island....Please, do not ask me where I am come from, I have trouble to know where is my heart and give you a clear answer could be difficult.
Citizen of the world, I love this planet and will be happy to continue to travel, meet people and draw with light these beautiful instant of life."


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